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mental health

Are you feeling frazzled, tired, stressed, anxious, depressed, depleted or just not well? Miss feeling "normal"? Don't even remember what "normal" feels like anymore? Naturopathic medicine can help! 


Let Dr. Weronika Lewkowicz help get to the root cause of why your mood or mental health has been struggling. We can check your nutrient levels since certain vitamins such as B12 or D can both contribute to mood, and do more in-depth testing to find that missing link. Besides vitamins, there are minerals, amino acids, and botanical medicines which help target brain function and support mental health issues - so let's find the right one for you! There are lots of options besides SSRIs, and if you’re already on one, let’s find the right naturopathic blend to best support your needs without interacting with your medications. 


We all know the "you are what you eat" cliche, so let's focus on those brain-healthy foods to give you the support you need to feel your best every day. There are even acupuncture points which target mood and mental health!


Schedule an appointment to help figure out which supplements, herbs, and foods will work best for you to help you feel happier, sleep better, and enjoy life!

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