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pain relief and Inflammation

Are you struggling with aches and pain? Tired of waking up and feeling pain before you even step foot out of your bed? Fed up with taking pills that cause constipation and other side effects? Don’t want to live in 6-hour increments between your pain-killer doses or trying to avoid surgery? Dr. Lewkowicz is here to help.

Naturopathic Medicine offers diet & lifestyle recommendations to help reduce pain severity by targeting inflammation, as well as supplements which target biochemical pathways affecting how your brain processes pain. Did you know dehydration and inflammatory products such as alcohol can increase pain? Let us help guide you to a healthier, less-intense-pain-YOU!

There are safe and effective botanical medicine pain-relievers available as an alternative to your pain management medications. In addition to supplements and dietary guidance which help target pain at the root cause, acupuncture treatments can also help. As little as 2 acupuncture visits have been shown to decrease pain! Acupuncture has been shown to release endorphins and enkephalins which have a positive effect on pain-receptors in our nervous system and help relieve pain!

So what are you waiting for? Schedule your visit to start feeling better today. 

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