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Digestive health

Are you tired of indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, or maybe even more severe autoimmune conditions? Are you someone who needs Tums after every dinner? Only using the restroom every 2-3 days? Bloated and in pain every day? That’s not normal!

If you feel like no one is listening or addressing your concerns, Dr. Weronika Lewkowicz is here to help you. Stop masking the problem and let’s get to the root cause of why your digestive system is off. Did you know that PPIs and H2 blockers prescribed for acid reflux are meant as a short, 8-week course because they can lead to increased chances of osteopenia with long-term use, and decrease your absorption of nutrients from your diet? Yet most individuals get stuck on these prescriptions for life!

Through utilizing naturopathic medicine, we can help you alter your dietary habits, get rid of that pesky acid reflux and have you digesting your food properly. Dr. Lewkowicz will personally curate supplements and herbal medicine to fit your body’s needs! We can help soothe and cool the digestive tract, stir up the digestive fire, or help keep you regular – whatever your needs are. Dr. Lewkowicz can also accelerate your treatment with acupuncture!

If your digestive tract is more of a mystery, specialty testing such as food sensitivity testing through Alletess laboratories, or the GI Effects Stool Test through Genova Diagnostics (which offers insight into digestive function, intestinal inflammation, and the intestinal microbiome) will assist in figuring out the source of your digestive issues.

Don’t let your digestive tract frustrate you on a daily basis, let’s get you feeling better today!

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