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Not feeling like yourself lately? Tired all the time and putting on weight? Feeling blah?

If you are tired of your heavy periods and PMS symptoms, or maybe you are skipping periods and PCOS gifts you with painful cysts, acne, excess hair growth, bloating, and struggling with fertility, hope is here! Dr. Weronika Lewkowicz can help pinpoint where the issue arises by utilizing detailed hormone panels through bloodwork or specialty testing through DUTCH tests - dry urine sex hormones and adrenal testing.

Once we identify the root cause of you feeling “blah” we can get to work! Focusing on anti-inflammatory food recommendations, supplements and botanical medicine to help balance your hormones in the right direction, and taming those PMS symptoms or heavy periods so that we can help you feel AH-mazing.

And for those seeking help with gentle fertility support, Dr. Lewkowicz is here to teach you about your body, how to track ovulation, and which supplements have been shown to improve fertility. We can also supplement your visits with acupuncture which has been shown to increase fertility and target other issues that are bringing you down. Don’t worry, if it’s not time for a baby, let's educate you about birth control alternatives as well!

Let’s get you feeling like yourself and full of energy within a few visits!

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