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"Text Neck" Eliminated By App, and it's FREE!

We are all guilty of it; really bad posture when you are on your phone. It's like gravity takes a hold of you and you slowly sink lower and lower. Before you know it, your posture is terrible and you have neck pain, back pain and a tension headache. The biggest complaint I hear from my patients is, "I don't even know I'm doing it!" So how do you fix your posture when you're not even aware of it?

Luckily, there is an awesome, FREE app called ANJALI . It helps you recognize when you are sitting with poor posture on your smart phone, allowing you to fix your position without thinking about it!

Here's how it works:

ANJALI alerts you when you are holding your smart phone incorrectly, causing you to have bad posture.

There are three choices for alerting you: screen dimmer, vibration, or sound alert. So essentially, when your phone is flat or tilted down, the app sends you an alert.

This simple and subtle reminder allows you to correct your posture, even when you weren't aware of it!

It even tracks your progress, giving you immediate feedback and a report card!

This is such an effortless way to improve your posture, and monitor your children's posture as well!

The App was created by two Chiropracters, Dr. Josh and Nichole Huddleston in 2017, who had a vision to improve posture, one smart phone at a time. Josh and I went to high school together, and it's really exciting to see such success in fellow peers! Congratulations to Josh and Nichole on a helpful creation!

Check out and download the link: ANJALI

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