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Vertigo: Spinning & The Epley Maneuver

Anyone who has ever experienced vertigo will likely say it was one of the worst experiences he/she has ever dealt with. Feeling like you are going to fall. Dealing with nausea. Being fearful of the dizziness. Feeling like you cannot function in your day to day tasks. Having vertigo can be a scary feeling, especially if it occurs for the first time. There are different types of vertigo, but if you are feeling like the room is spinning, there is a high likelihood you may have something called BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).

BPPV is caused when a crystal becomes loose in the inner ear and enters a tube like structure that is filled with fluid. Like throwing a stone on a lake, the crystal creates waves in the fluid, and your brain perceives this information as if you are moving, even when you are standing still. This symptom occurs with movement of your head, typically with looking up or turning to one side. BPPV is more likely to occur as we age, but it can happen at any age and without specific injury.

Fortunately, BPPV is very treatable. Usually in a short 5 minute treatment session, your physical therapist can help to re-position the crystal back where it belongs and your symptoms will resolve! It’s done with a particular pattern of head and body movements called the Epley Manuever. Stop in to see your physical therapist if you are experiencing vertigo symptoms. Trust me, you will be so happy!

Sign up for a FREE Consultation here if you think you may have symptoms of BPPV!

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