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Do You Have Time For The FLU?

Do you have time for the Flu. No? I did not think so. With the flu season this year going down as one of the worst on record, it is important to remember ways to reduce the spread of this illness!

This New York Times Article does a nice job reminding us of tips to avoid getting sick, especially when the illness is in your home.

Here are some key tips from the article for flu prevention.

- Wash your hands!

- Clean regularly touched areas such as counters, handles

- Sleeping in the same bed will increase the risk of transmission

- Quickly dispose of used tissues

- Eat well, exercise, and maintain adequate sleep

- Remember "respiratory etiquette"

Hand washing is KEY!

Here is a link to the above poster from the CDC.

As always, health is of the utmost importance! Take time to reduce the chances of illness and increase the chances of you staying healthy! Prevent the spread of the flu and other illnesses!

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